Twig # 1

The following video was projected onto a piece of hay wrap suspended from the highest beam of the Nyang Woolshed. Accompanying the visuals was John Britten’s arresting soundscape which featured sounds captured during his visit to the site. All video was shot using an iphone4.

Below the video projection I constructed what I later referred to as The Yarrein River Shrine; a collection of found objects including bones, bottles, plants, rocks, wasp nests, camel melons and numerous rusting remains.

The shrine structure was created using a corner cupboard and a large old wardrobe that I lay on its side and covered with a layer of red sand. I then set about carefully arranging the various objects and finished by adding a dozen or so candles.

To see some of Ian Tulley’s particularly nice pictures of The Yarrein River Shrine, as well as other highlights from Twig # 1 click here.

Throughout the evening Peter Redfearn entertained the audience by playing numerous songs on his 12 string guitar. At times he was accompanied by Will Eldridge on banjo, and ¬†by evening’s end Peter had turned electric and with a little help from Georgia and Olivia Tully-Watts was¬†belting out Hallelujah!

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Lemonade, soup, scones and tea.

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In the hours before Twig # 1 took place at the Nyang woolshed, final preparations were being made to ensure that those who ventured out that evening would have victuals to sustain them during the two hour performance.

Peter put on a large batch of his famous pea and ham soup, Trevor attempted to bake some fruit scones and jars of previously prepared, old-fashioned lemonade (made from Peter’s very own lemons and rainwater!) were placed in baskets ahead of the final journey up to the woolshed- where all would be revealed at 6pm.


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Standing stones at Nyang

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Will Eldridge manoeuvres one of the large concrete ‘sarsens’ into place to form part of the Nyang Woolshed standing stone circle, part of Twig #1, which took place on Peter Redfearn’s property at 6pm on Friday the 4th of May 2012.
The stone circle, constructed from a discarded pile of concrete footings, was created by Will on the Friday morning, in the hours leading up to the Twig. As well as labouring on the construction of the Nyang-henge, Will accompanied Peter on Banjo during the evening performance.

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Peter Redfearn: Solid Rock

2 May 2012 – 4 minutes – Peter Redfearn performs Goanna’s 1982 rock anthem on his 12 string Maton guitar. Peter has been playing the guitar for many years, and manages to practice whenever his busy life on the farm allows. In recent times Peter has begun to perfom in public and was a founding member of The Curlew Brothers. I sat in on one of Peter’s nocturnal practice sessions during my stay at ‘Farnley’ as part of the Twig project (

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Peter’s Place

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Peter Redfearn in the kitchen

Peter Redfearn in the kitchen

Peter prepares lunch using his trusty, steel bread knife.

Unlike the more common stainless/serrated variety- which are shiny and require less frequent sharpening- Peter’s knife of choice- with its wooden, riveted handle, flat blade and patina of age- can be sharpened like a razor!

Peter has a love of good food and over the course of my stay he cooked some wonderful meals including tuna mornay, roast lamb with all the trimmings and of course his famous pea and ham soup! The vintage Rayburn wood stove (pictured behind Peter) is quite honestly the best cooking device ever invented. There is something magical about a meal cooked on this stove- it seems to bring out flavours in the food that more conventional cooking appliances fail to impart.

Not only did the Rayburn turn out amazing meals but it provided constant warmth, which meant that the kitchen was always welcoming and warm and the kettle was always just a minute or so off the boil.



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Old Steel knives, and one cheap one

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